It may sound cliché, but it's entirely true. A "V-cut" bikini bottom provides a harmonious and uniform look to the female midsection. Thanks to the precise shape, we achieve a long and elegant appearance. The bikini bottom is sewn using an inner seam technique, giving a clean and consistent look. Thanks to this technique, the bikini bottom doesn't cut into our waist, as we often experience with different bikini bottoms. In addition to the "V-cut" shape and our special sewing technique, we have chosen special fabrics from Italy.

How did this bikini bottom come into existence? Starting in 2014, I began to engage in the design and personal customization of swimwear.

I had basic patterns and standard sizes. I noticed that despite the identical sizes, the bikini bottoms fit each person differently. This required personal adjustment and changes for each customer. I realized that the most important thing is not just beautiful design but practicality. It's been a journey that has lasted for several years. In 2018, I created the first V-cut bikini bottom.

Since then, the bikini bottom has undergone many changes and upgrades.

We started with the classic "Napoli" V-cut bikini. After that, we created the deep V-cut Brazilian "Hawaii" bikini. Both versions were successful and received a lot of appreciation from our customers. The success was twofold for me:

  1. Customers were very satisfied! They mentioned, "I've never had such a flattering bikini bottom!"

  2. Due to the precision of the pattern, there was no need to make changes to the pattern itself.

From 2020, I decided to work only with V-cut bikini bottoms, and later, we created the V-cut tie bikini called "Konkon."

Any customer who was initially hesitant about tie bikini fell in love with the new "Konkon" bikini.

In 2022, we created the string tie "Bombay" bikini.

I do everything for you, so every season, we refine and perfect all our patterns.

With love, Alona Kose