Alona Kose was drawn to the fashion world at the age of fifteen.
She was influenced by many styles and materials that defined her fashion sense and soon realized that she must pursue fashion.
However, she never suspected swimwear to be her true desire.
The ‘Alona Kose’ brand started as a costume-made line, perfectly fitting its swimwear to each client.
Thanks to this enriching experience, we’ve learned what women need to achieve confidence and made the right upgrades to our swimwear collections.
Nowadays, the brand is an exclusive fashion and eCommerce leader, putting the client first in every design aspect.
The designer knows her swimsuits are the most intimate item in your closet, and she wants you to feel comfortable and confident each time you take a walk on the beach. Alona Kose achieves it by designing elegant swimwear that make you feel your best at your most intimate moments.
All of our prestigious styles are tailor-made in a slow fashion concept, with a unique sewing technique and attention to every detail.
The swimwear is made at TLV, one of the most famous cities in the world, filled with life and summer vibes that inspire the designer’s creativity.
The brand is deeply committed to our clients’ needs, and is dedicated to creating new and unique swimwear each season.
Check out our latest Resort Collection.